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Torse House Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Checkmat El Segundo



  1. Maintain a respectful attitude on the mat.

  2. No food, drink, phone, or SHOES on the mat.

  3. Wear sandals or shoes outside the mat area.

  4. No foul language on the mat.

  5. Class starts and ends with a formal bow to the professor and students lined up by belt rank.

  6. Always greet your Professor as you step on the mat.

  7. Refer to a black belt instructor as “Professor”.

  8. Wear the uniform (Gi/Nogi) at all times while on the mat.

  9. If you need to leave the mat or leave class early, ask permission from the Professor.

  10. Keep your uniform CLEAN at ALL TIMES. A dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect.

  11. Keep finger nails and toe nails clipped short; this is for everyone’s safety.

  12. All metal objects, necklaces, jewelry, and similar items should be removed while on the mat.

  13. Be on time for class.

  14. During kids class, parents/guardians should not interfere with the class or coach; the Professor runs the class.

  15. Never sit or lay on the mat during class if you are not attending class.

Uniform guidelines for Gi and Nogi

  • All gi’s at Torse House should be black or white, and we ask that they not include patches or logos from other jiu-jitsu acadamies.

    • Colored gi’s are allowed only on weekends. If you show up with a colored gi during the week, you will be asked to change or watch class.


  • For nogi classes, participants should wear a rash guard and jiu-jitsu shorts. Rash guards should be mostly black, but can have designs on them. Shorts can be colored, but must not have pockets, zippers, drawstrings or any other elements that could hinder you or your partner’s training. Women should wear full-length leggings or spats. 


  • All gi and nogi uniforms must be clean. If uniforms are noticeably dirty or unwashed, you will be asked to change or watch class.

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